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About company

Former Tokyo Den-On Co., Ltd. established with capital of 2.5 million yen, with the mission of manufacturing and selling electrical musical instruments, electrical machinery and tools, and their components. October 1965

Established former IT Electronics Corporation with the company name NM.Electronics Corp. with capital of 80 million yen, with the mission of importing and domestic sales of electronic devices and components. In

January 1991 the company was renamed Nichimen Electric Technology Corporation, and then in October 2000 it was renamed again to IT Electronics Corporation. April 1988

Former Tokyo Den-On launches IPO with over-the-counter trading November 1989

Former Tokyo Den-On and IT Electronics Corporation sign a business tie-up agreement with the goal of building a mutual relationship. Former IT Electronics becomes a 10% shareholder in former Tokyo Den-On, and assigns one part-time director to Tokyo Den-On's board. March 2000

Former Tokyo Den-On and IT Electronics merge on an equal basis.

The new company takes the name Tokyo Den-On Co., Ltd. October 2001

Moscow office established September 2002

Changed company name from Tokyo Den-On Co., Ltd. to Soliste Corporation October 2004

Established a subsidiary in Hong Kong October 2004

Electronics Business Div. moved to Akihabara where electronics business is integrated in Tokyo. October 2005

Soliste Corporation and Wako Electronics Co.,Ltd. agreed business partnership to enhance total business efficiency. March 2006


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